At Argyll And Bute Care And Repair our employees are dedicated to ensuring that we treat everyone with dignity and respect, that our services are delivered to the best of our ability, within agreed and reasonable timeframes and to the customer’s satisfaction.

However, if you feel the need to complain about the standard of service you have received or may not have received, or you were dissatisfied by the way in which you were treated by a member of our team, or have any other reasonable complaint about our people, work, policy and procedures then please follow the complaint guidelines as described below. 

Making your complaint

  1. You or your representative can make a complaint in person at our office, or in writing, or by phone or by email.
  2. You should make contact as soon as possible after the event and directly to the Argyll And Bute Care And Repair Manager to ensure your complaint is investigated and resolved quickly. Please note that we would normally expect a complaint to be made within a reasonable period of time and certainly no later than 6 months after the event. In very exceptional circumstance, depending on the nature of the complaint, we may consider extending this period.
  3. The Manager will need your full name, contact details and as much information about the complaint as you can provide. The Manager will also enquire as to how you want us to address your grievance. The Manager will explain that he must investigate thoroughly before getting back to you with his decision.

Contacting the Manager

  • Post: 5 Stafford Street, Oban, Argyll. PA34 5NJ
  • Tel: 01631 567780


The Manager will advise you of who is investigating and dealing with your complaint.  This will normally be the Manager, but on occasion he may want to instruct another experienced and competent person to carry this out. 

Normally, we try to resolve complaints quickly and will endeavor to get back to you within 7 to 10 working days with our decision. However, depending on the nature and complexity of the complaint this may take longer and we would advise you of this and agree new time frames with you.

If, after reaching our final decision you are still not satisfied you can ask the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman (SPSO) to look at your complaint.  However, there are certain conditions which you need to note.  They cannot normally consider your complaint if:

  • It has not completed Argyll And Bute Care And Repair’s complaints procedure
  • The event you are complaining about happened more than a year ago, or that you became aware of it more than a year ago.
  • It is a matter that has been or is being considered in court.

You can contact the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman in person at:

SPSO 4 Melville Street, Edinburgh, EH3 7NS                         

Or by post at:

SPSO, Freepost EH641, Edinburgh, EH3 0BR

Free phone number:  0800 377 7330 Their Website address is:

If you would like a copy of our full complaints procedure please let us know by contacting the main office via the details provided on our Contact Us page.



Due to the current coronavirus situation we have had to change some of the ways we work.

At present, our Housing Support Officers will continue to support Occupational Therapy, Telecare and Social Work to install critical and urgent minor aids and adaptations, technology enabled care equipment and safety and security items in vulnerable clients homes.  Our Handyperson small repairs service has also been reintroduced following the relaxing of lockdown measures in July.

Our Care And Repair Officers, dealing with grant approvals work for major adaptations, continue to assist and support clients by phone and online and are also able to carry out client home visits following the relaxation of lockdown measures.

Any visits carried out by our officers will follow our strict protocols and health and safety procedures and you will be fully informed of these prior to any visit taking place.  Our procedures require us to wear personal protective equipment (PPE), maintain social distancing while in your home and following sanitising procedures for handwashing and disposing of PPE used during the visit.

 Our office staff are working remotely, but the Care And Repair Manager and Office Administrator can be contacted on 01631 567780 or on at any time 09.00 till 17.00, Mon to Fri. If you have a specific need, or particular requirement to visit our office then you should contact either one to make an appointment.

Care and Repair staff are trying to support our health and social care partners and community efforts in any way we can throughout the Covid pandemic. Please feel free to contact us to discuss anything you believe may be able to assist you with.

In the meantime, stay safe and well,

 Steven Clarkson,

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